Miss Bisous Story

Bonjour, Miss B's! 

Miss Bisous is a fashion brand based in Sydney specialised in French inspired lingerie and undergarments for every woman, all shapes, and all sizes. Bisous means 'Kisses' in French. 

Empowerment is at the foundation of each design with the quality in each piece unwaivered throughout its variety of sizes and colors for the everyday woman.

So who is Miss Bisous? :)

She is a Sydney chic girl with unique fashion taste. A French inspiration and Australian lifestyle has enable Miss B to imagine every woman's dream through the collection, allowing women to falling in love with their bodies again.

Late 2018, Miss Bisous released colorful Swimwear Collections to promote women body positivity. In May 2019, Miss Bisous launched premium Bridal Intimates Collection packed with the exclusive gift box for the 'Girls with Dream become to Woman with Visions'.

Miss Bisous Female VIP Club organizes regular female VIP events in Australia to promote a collaborative female community network that aspires to bring together all inspiring and charismatic women!

Are you Miss Bisous too? Come to Join in the Female VIP Club to be part of this inspiring journey with us... xoxo