Miss Bisous Lingerie

Bonjour, Miss B's! 

Miss Bisous believes that every woman deserves the most beautiful lingeries to match their daily fashion look.

Bisous means 'Kisses' in French. Miss Bisous is a brand based in Sydney that goes above and beyond providing French-style lingeries, by offering premium quality with a variety of sizes, to empower women being themselves no matter what sizes they wear.

So who is Miss Bisous?

She is a Sydney chic girl with unique fashion taste. Influenced by the mix culture of France and Australia, she creates this brand to satisfy every woman's lingerie dreams and let women fall in love with their bodies again.  

Miss Bisous organizes regular female VIP events in Sydney to promote a collaborative female community which consists of all inspiring women who are confident, authentic, positive, charismatic, independent and fashionably sexy!

Are you Miss Bisous too? Come to have an unique Lingerie journey with us...